Beast Machines Transformers Toy Review: Buzzsaw

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Beast Machines Transformers


Buzzsaw Name: Buzzsaw
Function: Aerial Reconnaissance
Motto: "I float like a butterfly but sting like a bee!"

Saved by Rattrap from the effects of the conversion freezing virus, Buzzsaw is grateful to the Maximal cause. Impressive aerial abilities and tendency towards gossip make him an excellent reconnaissance scout - likes to be the buzz about town. Multi-function stonger can pierce even the most impenetrable armor and functions as a highly sensitive receiver/transmitter. Slightly proud, often heard referring to himself as "the bee's knees", a statement none of his Maximal associates can discern.

Strength: 5.0 Intelligence: 6.0 Speed: 8.0 Endurance: 8.0
Rank: 7.0 Courage: 4.0 Firepower: 5.0 Skill: 9.0

Buzzsaw is one of the first Beast Machines Transformers Maximal release. He also makes a mark as the first insect based Maximal (although he was a Predacon according to his tech specs). Originally, Buzzsaw was to be called a "Heroic Predacon" instead of a "Heroic Maximal", but the idea was scrapped.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Buzzsaw is a techno-organic wasp. With much more organic influence than the Transmetal 2 toys, this toy looks fairly elegant in beast mode. The beast mode head is very streamlined, with four eyes, each made of translucent orange plastic. The wings also look very nice, with a faded orange and green translucent plastic. The one big detractor from this beast mode is the tail.

Referred to as "stinging action" on the packaging, Buzzsaw's tail rests on a long spring. The tail piece itself is nicely molded and detailed, and the stinger can retract. However, the long spring looks completely out of place, and the springing up and down action is a bit annoying. Buzzsaw's tail also can open up to reveal his Spark Crystal.

In beast mode, Buzzsaw's primary colors are green and neon green. Dark brown makes up the rest of his body with translucent orange for his tail/stinger. In this mode, Buzzsaw has eleven points of articulation including his wings and head.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Begin Buzzsaw's transformation by straightening out his wings and swinging them up with the robot mode waist. Now fold out the stinger arm, and then the rear insect leg arm. Swing back the upper body. Fold the beast mode head forward, and pull the robot head up. Swing back the four insect legs on his back, and Buzzsaw is in robot mode.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Buzzsaw still very much looks like an insect. His robot head has the beast mode antannae on it, along with mandibles. His stinger arm (spring and all) still sticks out like a sore thumb, and disappointingly enough, his right arm does not even have a hand, just two insect legs. His central body and legs however do look very nice and robotic. His legs are nicely molded as they are quite thin yet manage to stand just fine.

As a robot, Buzzsaw has forteen points of articulation including shoulder, knee and elbow movement. His color remains consistant with his beast mode, but the dark brown makes up much more of this form. If you put him under direct light, his stinger glows due to the translucent plastic for a nice effect.

Overall, Buzzsaw is quite a disappointment. In addition to what is mentioned above, the plastic used for his robot head and insect legs is very soft, and prone to bending. I would recommend not leaving this toy in direct sunlight or heat too long since these parts may bend out of shape. It's not that the toy concept was bad, but the execution left much to be desired. Mildly recommended. C+

Updated Notes (3/5):
Sometimes your feelings on a figure change over time. Hindsight makes you go a bit easier (or harder) on a figure. In this case however, my opinion hasn't changed a lot. What I will say however is that the sculpting still holds up well on the "organic" parts of this figure and he really is an interesting example of how the "Beast" era experimented a lot on what a Transformer could look like.