Beast Machines Transformers Toy Review: Night Slash Cheetor

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Beast Machines Transformers

Name: Night Slash Cheetor
Function: Nocturnal Warrior
Motto: "What can't be seen cannot be defeated!"

Night Slash Cheetor's prowess in battle grows as rapidly as he moves over the surface of Cybertron. Boasts incredible speed and maneuverability. When used with highly advanced stealth armor, he's virtually invisible to every known Vehicon radar or tracking system. Hits before Vehicons even know it. Will eliminate entire battalion of drones single-handedly. New armor includes vicious dual blade sword attack that makes all Vehicons keep their distance in battle. His abilities have negative psychological effect on Vehicon generals, whose drones seem to be useless in combat.

Strength: 9  Intelligence:Speed: 9.9  Endurance: 7.5
Rank:Courage:Firepower:Skill: 8

Night Slash Cheetor is the third version of Cheetor released for the Beast Machines toy line (not counting the McDonalds toy). Released as a deluxe, this version of Cheetor carries over some design ideas from the previous two toys, but also has its own design sensibilities. The deluxe toys for the "Battle for the Spark" line are packaged in robot mode, a deviation from the previous years of Beast Wars and Beast Machines toys when Transformers were packaged in their "alternate" modes. Because of this, this review will begin with the robot mode and then move on to the beast mode.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Cheetor stands an impressive eight inches (roughly twenty centimeters). If displayed with the deluxe Optimus Primal and Blackarachnia, he is actually just about in scale with the television show CGI models.

Cheetor's primary color is dark, metallic blue. His robot hands, chest and part of his head are translucent orange plastic. The translucent orange plastic used on his head is on the top and the eyes. These produce the "light piping" effect used often in Transformers toys. Running along his arms and upper legs are orange patterns meant as more stylized versions of a cheetah's spots. The upper part of his face is silver and the lower part is dark blue. His mouth is in a snarl (or toothy grin, take your pick) and his teeth are silver. Around his lower jaw area is an additional detail that resembles a chin guard. This part is metallic green. The same metallic green color is used for his wrists and part of his lower legs. Running from his waist to the sides of the main body are silver patterns. Cheetor's swords and mid-legs are grey.

Do not let the colors of this toy deceive you, this Cheetor is show accurate. The details of his face match the head used in the television show and many of the more subtle details such as the "fins" on his arms, the lines going from his waist and up towards his sides and the "wrist guards" near his hands. The translucent orange piece which serves as his chest and abdominal area is very detailed, complete with circular "spot-like" details and mechanical looking details.

Some details exist on this toy that did not exist on the television show model however. First, the swords are attached to his shoulders and not on his back. The swords are activated by pressing the triggers on each shoulder. The swords flip down right into the hands (as long as you have the hands positioned correctly). This is a cool feature that looks great and keeps you from losing his weapons. The swords aren't just for show however. Turn the toy around to see his Spark Crystal on his back. Push the Spark Crystal and Cheetor's arms move up and down, as if he is slashing away at an opponent.

Another detail that was not utilized in the show is the rocket pack on his back. This is a nice addition as it is reminiscent of the rocket pack that Transmetal 2 Cheetor had on his back. This one however is much less obtrusive.

In robot mode, Cheetor has twenty two points of articulation. This articulation includes five points of articulation on each arm and four points of articulation on each leg. The head is actually on a ball joint, so he can look from side to side and upwards. Unlike the previous two Cheetor releases, this one stands very steady. The paws from the beast mode are large enough that they provide great balance.

If you flip down the translucent orange panel on his chest, you will find the other side of the Spark Crystal mechanism. Notice that there are red lines painted in the center which reflect onto the sides of the circle. Press the Spark Crystal and this spins, creating an effect that looks like a Spark filled with energy. This is a nice touch.

Transformation to Beast Mode:
Begin the transformation by flipping the thumbs on the hands up. Rotate the hands so they look like he is putting his hand straight up. Pivot the robot head so it faces forward, then open up the translucent orange panel and the panel on the back (the entire section from the Spark Crystal chamber down to the hind quarters). Slide the robot head down and slide the beast mode head up. Snap the two panels back into place. Fold in the robot feet and turn the feet around to show the cheetah feet. Push each leg up and flip the tail down. Cheetor is now in beast mode.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Cheetor is still primarily metallic dark blue, but a bit more orange appears. On the beast mode head, orange is spray painted over dark blue, giving a nice "worn in" look. The beast mode eyes are translucent orange plastic, no doubt to take advantage of the "light piping" feature. The neck and all four paws have translucent orange claws.

Although the robot mode has many show accurate features, this beast mode is a different take on the cheetah beast mode. Along with the rocket pack on his back, the tail is also reminscent of the Transmetal 2 Cheetor. Instead of a straight, organic looking tail, this one looks like mechanical tubing and the end of the tail has a barrel for what looks like a small laser!

Aside from the rocket pack, Cheetor can also slash at his opponents. If you rear him up and press the Spark Crystal, the arms will move in a clawing motion. Also, if you turn his beast mode head from side to side, the upper part of the beast mode head is lifted up slightly, allowing more teeth to be shown. The effect looks like Cheetor is growling as he looks from side to side. This touch is nice since it is fairly unnecessary.

Night Slash Cheetor overcomes the primary problem of his predecessors: stability. This toy stands great and looks wonderful. The action feature is fun and even at a smaller deluxe size, he rivals his larger mega and supreme counterparts in playability. Highly recommended. A+