Beast Machines Transformers Toy Review: Snarl

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Beast Machines Transformers

Name: Snarl
Function: Strategic Specialist
Motto: "They won't even see it coming!"

As a strategic genius, Snarl is a critical component of the Maximal command. Has the uncanny ability to sense his opponent's weaknesses and exploit them to Maximal advantage. Considers Vehicons a substandard challenge to his abilities - desires a match of tactics and cunning against Megatron where the victor wins the war over Cybertron. Has an ambush style of attack that rarely leaves his enemies the option of survival.

Strength: 8.2 Intelligence: 9.2  Speed:Endurance: 8.7
Rank: 7.2 Courage: 9.7 Firepower: 7.6 Skill: 8.9

Snarl is one of the deluxe additions to the Maximal Beast Machines ranks. Taking on a form not used since Magnaboss' component Prowl, Snarl is a techno-organic lion.

Beast Mode
In beast mode, Snarl is a techno-organic lion. His color scheme is primarily gold and translucent/metallic blue. Orange decorates his mane (with a streak of silver) and his front paws. Silver is used throughout the toy to enhance existing details. His beast mode eyes are green. The use of translucent blue plastic with the silver, metallic "flake" pattern was a great choice as it adds to the mystical "inner Spark glow" theme from the Beast Machines television show. The Spark crystal is located on his rear, left leg. Slide the panel up on his upper thigh and his Spark crystal is revealed!

In this form, Snarl has thirteen points of articulation. This includes his tail (which rests on a ball joint) and lion head, which can move from side to side. When the head does move to one side or the other, notice the lion mouth opens to, as if he was roaring! It is nice to see this particular feature since the mane could have restricted the beast mode head to one fixed "staring straight ahead" position. The detailing on Snarl leans towards oval and circular type designs, which works very well. The result is a Maximal who looks aerodynamic and sleek, just as a hunter should be.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Begin Snarl's transformation by detaching the tail from the base. Set it aside. Straighten the rear legs out. Look carefully at the parts which connect the legs to the rear section, there are orange hinges there. Rotate the legs so those hinges move upwards. Next, flip out the robot feet and then twist the ankles around so the robot feet face forward. Stand the robot up and fold the forward arms down. Rotate the lower arm sections so the robot hands are to the sides, the gold panels on them can be lifted a bit to show more of the hands. Now separate the lower halves of the mane and rotate them and fold them back. Fold down the front piece of the robot chest and tuck the lion head into that compartment while turning the robot head around and flipping it up. Fold down the part of the lion mane with the silver streak so that it almost covers the top of the robot head. Place the tail weapon into Snarl's right hand using the peg in hole system. Snarl is now ready for combat!

Robot Mode:
In robot mode Snarl's colors are the same as his beast mode, but more orange is seen. His robot head, chest and hands are all orange. His robot eyes are green and there is gold and silver detailing on his robot head. Snarl retains much of the visual personality of his beast mode. He is still very sleek looking, and most of his details are rounded or oval rather than angular. His robot mode head even has a small mane of hair. Another nice detail are the translucent blue parts which connect to his shoulders and hips. They are molded to resemble muscles, adding to his techno-organic nature.

Snarl has three action features. His "personality feature" is his mouth, which can open and close when you push the button on the top of his head. Second is his left arm which lashes forward when you press the orange switch on his upper left arm. Finally, his right arm has a chopping action activated by turning the dial on his upper right arm. In robot mode, Snarl has twenty three points of articulation (including the mouth hinge). This articulation also includes hand articulation. Each hand has both thumb and articulation for the other four fingers (attached as one piece of course) and wrist articulation. Very nice.

Overall, Snarl is a nice toy. He loses a bit of brownie points for two reasons: 1) The right arm chopping mechanism is nice, but the spring action prevents the arm from being posable (i.e. staying in one position at the elbow) and 2) The weapon does not stay on very well. Recommended. B+