Beast Machines Transformers Toy Review: Spy Streak

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Beast Machines Transformers

Name: Spy Streak
Function: Aerial Reconnaissance
Motto: "I am the eye in the sky."

Spy Streak is entirely focused on one task: destroy the Maximals. Impressive aerial abilities and a fully stocked arsenal make him a serious threat on all fronts. Bomber mode has two powerful laser-matrix missiles with remote detonation capabilities. Robot mode is equipped with a giant and powerful clamp mechanism perfect for close-in hand-to-hand combat and makes a valuable utility tool. Specialized armor deflects most energy blasts plus radar detection. One of Jetstorm's most valuable assets, Spy Streak never backs down from a fight.

Strength:Intelligence:Speed:Endurance: 7
Rank:Courage:Firepower:Skill: 9

Spy Streak is most likely the last original Vehicon to be created for the Beast Machines toy line. Adding another member to Jetstorm's aerial forces, this adds a stealth vehicle to the Vehicon arsenal.

Vehicle Mode:
In vehicle mode, Spy Streak is a stealth bomber jet. Unlike early photos that had him painted as the typical black color scheme, his color is really a dark green. Dark red is used to accentuate details such as the various lines and ridges running along the main body of the plane. This dark red is painted in a somewhat dusty pattern, giving the jet mode a rugged look. Translucent green plastic is also used quite a bit. The fins on the sides of the plane both have trnaslucent green parts and the missiles underneath the cockpit are translucent green with silver tips. That's not the only part with silver however. The cockpit and the vents on the sides are also painted silver. Finally, bright red is used for a stripe on the nosecone and the edges of the wings. A darker translucent green plastic is used for the Spark Crystal, which rests in a dark red base on the top of the jet. On each wing, a yellow Vehicon symbol is painted on.

Those two threatening looking missiles aren't just for show. Push the Spark Crystal forward and the main body of the plane will open up and the missiles will launch! Overall, this is a great looking vehicle mode and the missiles launch a good distance.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
To prevent them from flying all over the place during transformation, I recommend separating the missiles first and setting them aside. Fold down the fins on either side of the jet and then swing the sides out and down. Fold up the ends to form the robot feet. Swing both the top and bottom halves of the main jet body to the sides, then fold them down. These are the robot arms. Now push the translucent green chest piece up to reveal the robot head. Push the Spark Crystal to open up the "capture claw" arm and load the missiles into the right arm. Spy Streak is now in robot mode!

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Spy Streak carries over the colors from the robot mode, but reveals a bit more red, silver and translucent green plastic. The translucent green chest piece looks great, almost looking as if it were glowing with power. The dark red paint touches on it are nicely done. The head resembles a helmet of some sort, not too dissimilar from Jetstorm.

The right arm can fire the missiles, just press the red parts on the underside of the arm. Be careful, they're a bit sensitive. Spy Streak has thirteen points of articulation, but the arm-based points of articulation are hindered by the fact that the arms are very close to the main body. It would have been better had the arms been separated out a little. This would have also made the figure look bigger and more threatening. To its credit though, the leg and feet joints are so tight that he does not need his arms to hold him up and stand.

Spy Streak is not the perfect Vehicon toy, but he is the last of the Vehicons, and also looks good. With some work, he could have been an A, but is worth a B.