Beast Machines Transformers Toy Review: Cheetor (Supreme)

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Beast Machines Transformers

Name: Cheetor
Function: Warrior
Motto: "Act with quickness, and leave the enemy no time to think!"

Cheetor continues to mature as rapidly as he moves over the surface of Cybertron. Remains Optimus Primal's strongest supporter, and one of the most formidable warriors against Megatron and his Vehicons. Beast mode provides him with cheetah-like speed and agility, matched with amazing endurance and enhanced vision. In Robot mode, becomes impossible target thanks to body surface that repels virtually any and all energy pulses without damage. Expertise with multi-function sword makes Vehicons keep their distance - if they can.

Strength:Intelligence:Speed: 10  Endurance: 9
Rank:Courage:Firepower:Skill: 8

Cheetor returns as one of the most anticipated Transformers toys of 2000. Not since the Autobot city Fortress Maximus has a Transformer this large been available outside of Japan (and some parts of Europe). In what has been dubbed the "Supreme" size, Cheetor is meant to dwarf the previous Ultra and Super scales. Many are already familiar with the odd looking mega sized Beast Machines Cheetor, but this is the Cheetor that the television show used
as reference.

Beast Mode:
Cheetor's beast mode is a techno-organic cheetah. His primary color is yellow, but at least three different shades of yellow appear on this toy. Parts such as the front cheetah legs and tail have a lighter yellow whereas other parts such as his stomach area and lower rear legs have a more orange-yellow color. The beast mode had has its own shade of yellow which is a bit lighter than the others. Neon orange, black and green fill in for detailing including cheetah spots, wiring and mechanical looking parts. Heavy use of translucent yellow plastic can be found all over this toy from head to tail. This is most prominant in the mid-body section. Unfortunately, the nature of the translucent plastic makes it hard to see some of the very nice detail molded into the main body such as fur patterns. Translucent red plastic is used on the shoulders of his two front legs. Peek into the left side front leg to see the Spark Crystal underneath the translucent red plastic.

In beast mode, Cheetor has twenty seven points of articulation. That is probably one of the highest counts among Transformers for articulation points. Some of it is owed to the digits on his front paws which can be moved individually. Cheetor can also turn at the middle of the main body and his rear legs have five points of articulation each. These points of articulation also have to do with the action features of this toy.

For the beast mode, Cheetor has two primary action features:

  • One is activated by pulling the translucent yellow piece located on the back (near where you will see a translucent orange thruster piece). When pulled, the "hair" on Cheetor's back stands up and he makes an odd roaring sound. At the same time, red and green lights go off in his chest and beast mode head. The light in the beast mode head eventually switches to green and continues to blink after the sound effect has played out.
  • Remember the aforementioned translucent orange thruster? That's not just a cool detail, it is a dial as well. Turn it and Cheetor's beast mode neck and head move from side to side as his mouth opens and closes.

For those who want a sense of scale, Cheetor is about 18 inches long from beast mode head to tail. One of Hasbro's selling points is that this toy is about the size of a housecat. This is roughly true, I've owned cats bigger and smaller than this toy, so the statement is subjective. However, there is no denying that in terms of scale with other Beast Machines toys, this one is huge.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Begin Cheetor's transformation by removing the tail. Swing down the blade section and set the weapon aside. Swing the rear cheetah legs back and then straighten out the lower sections of the legs and pull them down to extend them. Swing down the heels of the feet and then flip up the small rectangular plastic piece in the middle of the rear section of each foot. Fold down the yellow, blade like piece on the ankles.

Moving along to the upper body, move both
forward arms down. Separate the center yellow piece (with the four translucent green ovals) from the piece under it, and separate that piece from the main body. Rotate the orange-yellow colored piece to the back and extend it so it can lock onto the upper back via the peg in hole system. Flip the chest section down to reveal the robot head. Flip the robot head out and fold the beast mode head in. Snap the chest piece back into place, then connect the yellow piece with the four translucent green ovals to the chest via the peg in hole system. Now push the waist into the upper chest section (this area is extended in beast mode). Place the sword into his hand and Cheetor is now in robot mode.

Robot Mode:
Cheetor's robot mode stands at an impressive seventeen inches. A lot of the bulk of this toy is focused on the upper body, especially the chest where all theelectronics are stored. Cheetor's color scheme from the beast mode carries over to the robot mode. However, the aforementioned translucent green ovals show prominantly on his upper body and more green can be seen on the sides of his upper body and the robot head.

Cheetor has twenty six points of articulation in this mode. Of course, eight of these points of articulation are the hands, where all three fingers and thumb can move. This also includes his jaw which can open and close.

Cheetor has several action features in this mode:

  • Press the lever on the back of the robot head down and his eyes change to green and his jaw opens up.
  • Move his right arm back a bit and let go and Cheetor fires one missile from his wrist. Repeat this action to fire the other. This action also causes
    lights in his chest to go off and a firing sound to be activated.
  • Move the left wrist down a bit and Cheetor's three claws (attached to a translucent plastic piece) extend out for a striking action.

Cheetor has some fantastic features and looks cool, however the toy does suffer from some setbacks:

  1. Stability: In robot mode, because the toy is so top heavy, it is difficult to do anything with the toy without knocking him over. The heel blades and rubber soles do help the toy keep standing, but if you try to manipulate the upper body in any way (play with the missiles, use the robot head feature) you have to grip the toy in the mid-body and be sure it does not topple over.
  2. Action feature: The action feature which extends Cheetor's left paw may have looked good in theory, but in practice it interferes with the ability for him to hold the sword in that arm properly, he either has to hold it as if he is going to throw it or hold it sideways. Perhaps a "sword slashing" action may have been better for this arm's action feature.

In general, this is a cool toy, but at roughly $30-$40 a pop, some may not find this toy worth it. Because of the two problems mentioned above, this toy loses a possible A rating and goes down to a B-.