Transformers Movie (2007) Elita-One Review

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General Information:
Release Year: September 2007
Retailer: Target Exclusive
Price: $6.99
Accessories: Missile x 1, Missile launcher, Scope, Exhaust pipes x 2, Energon Star
Difficulty Level: 2


Tech Specs:
As the first of the female TRANSFORMERS robots, ELITA-ONE gets a lot of attention, and loves every minute of it. It isn't just her incredible handling, or her fast idle that gets the attention either. She's a cunning fighter, and one of the best marksmen among the AUTOBOTS, able to blast Scraplets off a DECEPTICON at more than four miles. At short range, she's just as effective, generating an attraction field that can cause unshielded robots to overheat almost instantly.

Strength: 4  Intelligence:Speed:Endurance: 5
Rank: 8  Courage: 9  Firepower: 8  Skill: 10

Elita-One was first seen in the original Transformers series as the leader of the female Autobots. Created shortly after Optimus Prime, she was his counterpart, leading an Autobot resistance on Cybertron while he fought Megatron on Earth. While a significant character, she never emerged again as a major player in any other Transformers series and no figure was ever made of her. That is, until now. A redeco of a figure is perhaps not the most glorious way for a character with such a powerful pedigree, but it is a start and makes "Elita-One" an official transforming figure at last.

This sculpt has already been used several times. Not just for Energon Arcee, but also for Ariel, Timelines
, Flareup and Flamewar. Check out all those previous reviews for more information on this sculpt. This review will focus on the changes made to the sculpt for this release.

Elita-One is packaged in the standard card used for all the Target exclusive Scout Class figures. It was pretty smart to use the Arcee sculpt again. No new vacuum form packaging was needed, it just duplicates the Arcee packaging. The front has the name "Elita-One" (settling once and for all its official spelling) and a sticker showing it is a Target exclusive. On the back, the figure is pictured in both modes. It notes that you can "Combine black parts to create an ultimate Energon weapon!" and that "Ultimate Energon weapons can be used with other Transformers figures!". Her cosells are Armorhide and Air Raid, both shown in robot mode.

Vehicle Mode:
Elita-One is cast in four basic colors. Most of the body is cast in metallic copper, with grey following close behind. The translucent parts from previous incarnations of this sculpt are now solid black. This includes the Energon weapon parts and the Energon Star. The missile is copper. I'm honestly amazed at how many variations of colors have been put on this sculpt. This makes the seventh use of this sculpt and yet the pattern doesn't repeat a previous one. The cooper parts make up most of the top part of the vehicle including the front and the parts that connect to the wheels. The lower portion is grey and unpainted (unlike Arcee where it was painted blue and silver). This distribution of plastic colors alone already distinguishes Elita from her predecessors. However, some silver paint applications are used as well. On the sides is a "Z" pattern in broad, silver lines. Other parts painted silver include the exhaust pipes, the headlight and the spokes on the wheels. Copper paint is used as well since the rear section is cast in black, so the raised portions are painted copper to match the rest of the vehicle. An Autobot symbol is tampographed on the area in front of the seat.

The Energon weapons still attach just fine and there are no defects noticable in this mode. The missile also fires a good distance (about the same as Arcee).

Robot Mode:
Sadly, it is in the robot mode you begin to see how using a sculpt so much can eventually wear it down. After I was done transforming this figure, the two halves of the rear wheels stuck together, and when I put the wheel half back on the left side, it didn't really snap in so much as it just slid on slightly snug. I confess this could be just mine as I haven't heard otehrs complain about the same thing.

In robot mode, Elita-One shows more grey on her head, joints, hands and legs. Silver and copper paint are used to paint details on her arms and legs. The silver patterns on her legs are the same as those on Arcee, with the silver forming a "T" shape on the lower legs and covering the inside of the thighs. The "collar" design near her head is painted silver and the Autobot symbol is now upright on her chest. The head is cast in grey plastic with blue eyes and a silver face. It's a really different color scheme than one might expect. The designers really could not use the base colors of Elita-One as seen in the animated series, partly because those colors (pink and white) were used for Energon Arcee and also they're not dark in tone the way most of the figures in the movie line are. I actually like these colors a lot. They make her very distinctive from the small army of other Transformers using this sculpt.

Aside from the "wheel popping" mentioned above, there are no other structural problems with Elita-One. Her joints are tight and she can stand and hold her Energon weapon just fine. It was an interesting choice to make the weapons solid black as opposed to a translucent color. This really distinguishes them from previous uses of these sculpts.

Final Thoughts:
I'm normally a proponent of nicely done redecos, but there is a high probability that if you're a long time fan, you probably own this sculpt about two to three times over by now. This one is definitely for hardcore fans and/or completists. Recommended, but only for a small portion of fans.